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"Registered BAS Agents who care just as much as you do.

We help you know more... so you can do more... and be more..."

Pivot now - to change the future


We offer the full package, business consultancy, bookkeeping, a full social media & website design service.

We give you your time back so you can go and “colour your life” the way you should.

If you work hard, then shouldn’t you get to enjoy your efforts and reap the rewards of that hard work?

Often business owners find they are stuck in the muck of the every day, and the vision they originally had for their business and themselves has run off the tracks.


At Pivot & Prosper we help you realign your vision. We help you implement systems to achieve the actions you need to get your business back to the best it could possibly be.

If bookkeeping is the heart of your business, then financial reporting should be the brain. With accurate and timely financial reporting you can make confident business decisions for the direction of your business. Pivot & Prosper believes that financial reporting is often underutilised by the majority of small to medium sized businesses.


We can help design and maintain financial reports that are easily understood, easily accessible and relevant to your business and its requirements.



With her vibrant personality, enthusiasm for life and friendly approach, Rebecca Smith is a business consultant with a difference.

Rebecca is dedicated to working with small to medium-sized businesses, to ensure the owners’ passion and purpose align with their business goals. After all, we spend so much time working, it’s vital that we enjoy being in business, isn’t it?

Rebecca’s clients often come to her when they’ve reached a tipping point in their business. Many are faced with the decision to go for it – to diversify and grow, or just keep muddling along as they are, trying to survive. Others simply feel burnt out through trying to juggle everything and stay sane. Having lost their passion, they just want to bring some joy back into their business.

Through Life Back 2 U, Rebecca utilises the expertise she’s gathered over 20 years as a business owner and director with precise analytical skills, bookkeeping and accounting knowledge, to ensure her clients can embrace colour in their lives again.

Her solution-focused services include: business mentoring and advice, strategic planning, general business consulting and business planning, new business and multi-office set-ups (growing from one to two or more offices), financial reporting and analysis, internal control development for the finance functions of your business, bookkeeping and data entry, human resource management, payroll and superannuation, and temporary staff relief for finance and accounting staff (ideal for long service or maternity leave).

While Rebecca is an experienced and trusted business advisor, she prides herself on firstly being a “people person” who takes the time to understand her clients’ approach to business. She strives to get to the cause of business issues, before working with clients to map out strategies for growth which maximise results and profitability.

She holds a Diploma of Financial Services, supported by her ongoing degree studies and is a registered BAS agent.

Rebecca’s mission is to help people find the balance between work and life outside of their business. She lives her vision - in her own spare time, she enjoys going to the beach and spending quality time with family and friends while partaking of good food and fine wine. She also has a quiet obsession with 007, James Bond.

Would you prefer a business that works for you, or do you want to continue being a slave to your business? Rebecca offers all the hands-on guidance, practical advice and expertise you need to become empowered, gain a greater sense of business purpose and achieve clarity in your business.

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